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I serve as the Account and Social Media Manager for Hydro Studios (beginning in 2020). I managing all aspects of national and international client contracts including development and planning, strategy, media, and budgeting, with an emphasis on content development and social media. Below are examples of major projects.

3 Month Social Media Engagement Snapshot, Primary Platforms

Analytics Quarterly Reporting

Social Media Policy Development

Original Feed Aesthetic: 2011 - 2018

Feed Aesthetic Revamp: 2018 - 2020


Key Changes to Social Approach

The Museum's social media presence prior to 2018 was focused heavily on "internal happenings."


(Museum activities, images of visitors and staff in the galleries, people going about their daily business, community based programs). The Museum's social presence was centered on the organization's on-site and temporal  programming.

After a full scale social media audit and deep-dive engagement data analysis, I was to determine that the Museum's approach was not reaching its potential in terms of engaging its local audience. In addition, the social strategy was actively working to alienate global Georgia O'Keeffe fans with content solely focused on location specific activities, of which, global audiences had little context.


Give the People What They Want

Shift content to center on subject matter that can be enjoyed by anyone, no matter who they are or where they are located globally. 

Focus on Georgia O'Keeffe's artistic practice to engage those familiar with the artist and her role in art history. 

Introduce new audiences to O'Keeffe through high quality and beautiful  portraits and images of O'Keeffe's artwork.

"Good Vibes Only" 


Ensure all content and community contributions is centered on positivity and discovery.


Focus on Georgia O'Keeffe's lifestyle in addition to her artistic practice and showcase the ways in which she was a progressive icon. 

Excite new and young audiences by featuring  their unique O'Keeffe inspired content. Provide tangible results for users by boosting the visibility of their social profiles. 

Do What Only YOU Can Do


Present content that asserts the Museum as the authority on all content related to Georgia O'Keeffe, her life, art, and legacy. Ensure that, regardless of the platform or content, that the O'Keeffe Museum is the most accurate, informative, and consistent source of information surrounding the artist. 

Legitimizing Social Content

Professionalize the Museum's social media content by  integrating it into the institution's curatorial strategies (rather than communications/marketing). Elevate the Museums social visibility and legitimacy  by  requiring curatorial staff members to advise and create content imbued with academic authority .